‘Governors are dedicated to improving the school.’ 

The Glebe Primary School – Ofsted 2016


Governor Pen Portraits 

Andrew Jackson

Angela Sheath

Cheryl Todd

Linda Hollinshead

Joanne Stokes

John Ager

Josie Edge

Pat Lofthouse

Gill Broome

Tony Riordan

Head Teacher:

Mrs Justine Moralee

Local Authority Governor:

Cllr Tony Riordan

Associate Member:

Staff Governor:

Miss Josie Edge

Parent Governors:

Mrs Angela Sheath

Mrs Cheryl Todd

Mr John Ager

Co-opted Governors:

Mrs Gillian Broome (Chair of Governors)

Mr Andrew Jackson (Vice Chair of Governors)

Mrs Linda Hollinshead

Mrs Pat Lofthouse

Miss Joanne Stokes

Mrs Billie-Joe Carnelly

The following information helps to understand the role and responsibilities of our school governors:

The names of the governors can be found above and on the Community Board at both ends of the school.
The governors are there to support the running of the school. There are three meetings held each term.
One meeting is the School Improvement meeting where governors discuss standards, staffing, training issues, new and reviewed policies and progress in all areas of the curriculum.
One meeting is the Resources meeting where the governors set the school budget and discuss priorities for the finances of the school.
The third meeting is the full governors meeting where the whole Governing bodies consider minutes from meetings, any training and any other issues.
The governors also come into school to work with school leaders in order to understand the working of the school.

How to become a Governor

Parent Governors – Nominations are sought from parents. If more nominations are received than vacancies an election takes place. Pen portraits of the candidates are required to support the election process.

Staff Governors – Nominations are sought from staff. If more nominations are received than vacancies an election takes place.

Community Governors – Appointment are made by the Governing Body and appointments are based on skills sets required by the Governing Body.

Please see below our Register of Governor Interests:

Governor Attendance:
The Glebe Governor Attendance

02 – 22-23 Meeting Attendance – The Glebe Primary School