Stockton Partnership Schools

The Glebe Primary School works very closely with three other Primary schools across Stockton in a partnership. This Partnership has been in existence since 2014 initially with Roseberry Primary School and Whitehouse Primary School and then with Durham Lane Primary School joining in September 2015.

The aims of the partnership are to:

Improve teaching and learning for all children by drawing upon the combined strengths, resources and expertise of the partnership schools.


This has involved work such as:

  • An appreciative enquiry visit in each school by senior staff
  • Sharing consultant expertise as appropriate.
  • Complete moderation activities in EYFS/Year 2/Year 6 in the Spring Term.
  • Reviewing pupil progress on a regular basis and evaluate school data
  • Staff from the schools have completed a planning scrutiny, work/book scrutiny and lesson observations
  • Pupils have visited the other schools and had joint learning activities with specific Science and MAT focus
  • Teachers have established cross-schools working parties and formulated joint action plans for school improvement
  • There are joint Professional Development Training Days
  • Training is also shared across the four schools

The benefits have been:

  • Rigorous and robust evaluation of the schools performance with all schools currently judged as good by Ofsted.
  • Greater opportunities for staff to share expertise and access CPD leading to more leadership on school improvement
  • Improved teaching and learning activities in a cross-school way allowing the children to work with other children in the partnership schools
  • High quality training and CPD raising the skills and knowledge of Teachers and Teaching Assistants working in the schools
  • Good opportunities for Governors to work together across schools

The four schools continue to be committed to the partnership for the foreseeable future.