Linda Hollinshead

As the Assistant Head Teacher of a large primary school in Stockton, becoming a Governor was a natural progression for me; I was keen to play a part in the school improvement of The Glebe and be involved in part of the decision process, and to draw experiences from the knowledgeable headteacher and staff of The Glebe to improve my own practice.  

I firmly believe that all children, irrespective of their backgrounds, experiences and starting points, should be given the opportunity to succeed and to be successful, becoming well-rounded individuals who reach their potential. I am keen to embrace new challenges and see my role as a governor at The Glebe as providing me with first-hand experiences and an insight into the importance of making accurate decisions and robust accountability so that everything that The Glebe does is for the benefit and progress of the children and the community it serves. I believe that working with children and their families is one of great privilege and I feel very proud to be part of the process in which children can flourish and grow personally and academically both at The Glebe and at my own school.