Breakfast Club

Every morning we have Breakfast Club before school, in the small hall, run by Mrs. Wells, Miss. Mulligan, Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Cleary.

This club starts at 8.00am and costs £2.50 per day. Children from 4 years old and above are welcome. The children get a choice of breakfast including cereal, toast, fruit and drinks and join in with lots of fun games and activities. Security is high priority, making the feel safe and happy during this time.


Since September, Breakfast Club has become really popular with our children. We are happy to report that the numbers of children attending breakfast club has increased considerably since this time last year.

If you would like your child to join, please contact Mrs.Elwell in the office.


During SATs week, all the Year 6 children were invited to breakfast club to ensure they had a great start to each day during this important time.