Game – Snowman Skiing
Ski down the hill and try to build the snowman
Web up those pesky bees!!!
Use your mouse to stop the tomatoes splatting on the floor!
Are you a pool master?
Knock down the balls to avoid being crushed!
Shoot the marbles to clear the line befor it reaches the end
Destroy the Stars by connecting 3 or more of the same colour
make a row of four
Feed the snake and watch him grow



LearnEnglish Kids

English Grammar Basics

 A-Mazing Words
Swim through the maze and spell each word
Match the words with the meanings
Help star fill the rocket with fuel
It’s fun and easy to write amazing stories!
Can you help the princess get out of her tower by spelling the words correctly?
Practise your typing skills with this great website
Listen and Spell
A game of talking stories
Various Literacy Bite Size Pages
Max and Molly need your help.



Solids, Liquids and Gases
Put the solids, liquids and gases in the right categories
See how different animals move and then take the Quiz.
Work your way up the food chain by eating everything smaller than you
Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck – Can you help?
Fly through rooms and adapt your Rocket to collect all the cogs
Munch Munch Munch!
Fun with science
Help grow plants
Find the food chain’s deadliest predator
Use the force(s)!



Subtraction Bowling
Bowl and answer maths questions to get a better score
Can you figure out which numbers go where?
Practice your times table skills
Complete the maths questions to avoid the objects.
Can you win a million?
Make Pairs add up to a selected number to clear the screen
Work your way through all 25 exciting games!
Count All The Things
A maths dictionary for kids
Put Melvin’s lotions back in place