Intent: What do children in our school need?

Speech and language development, particularly in EYFS
Phonics for reading and writing, EYFS – delay in knowledge on entry, e.g. nursery rhymes, traditional tales; fine and gross motor skills needed for pencil control; Strong teaching of phonics – use of large number of staff as phonics high priority in EYFS and KS1
Vocabulary – Opportunities for pupils to develop their vocabulary and language throughout school – increase in life chances
Boys to progress in writing as much as the girls– boys to be motivated to write through wide variety of strategies such as using technology and writing for a real purpose
Challenge for all groups – lessons that are ambitious and help to increase life chances and opportunities
PP/SEND– tracked closely to ensure progress and keeping up with non-PP and non-SEND
A progressive and structured approach from Nursery to Year 6 – clear end goals for each year group, progression to ensure that children remember more and connect the steps they have been taught.
Knowledge about the wider world– Wide range of resources used that develop progression in other curriculum areas, such as incorporate RRSA to develop SMSC and British Values
Cross-curricular application to motivate boys, enhance subject knowledge and to provide opportunities to apply what has been taught to them in English

What do we achieve by this?

Basic Skills – working towards reaccreditation this term
SATS results – 3 year upward trend, Phonics results – consistently strong
Strong moral values and development of Life skills
Competent staff – Training updates for staff regularly through staff meetings and PD Days

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