FAB Week 2015

Friends Against Bullying Week 2015


The aim of FAB Week (Friends Against Bullying) was to raise awareness of what bullying is, as well as the effects of bullying.

Throughout school, each key stage phase was encouraged to explore a particular aspect of bullying. In Foundation Stage, the children completed activities around the theme of ‘being a good friend’. This included songs, writing and games.

In Key Stage 1, the children focused on ‘bullying because of appearance’. The children produced fantastic work about themselves and discussed their similarities and differences.

In lower Key Stage 2, the children explored the world of Cyber Bullying. They created super work based on their own digital footprint, as well as learning about potential online dangers.

In upper Key Stage 2, the focus of FAB week followed on from their ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ workshops. The children discussed bullying in the community and the world around them, as well as learning about how different disabilities can affect people’s day to day lives.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who participated in our FAB Week activities and help to make the week a huge success!