Our School

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At The Glebe Primary School, we believe that even the smallest of achievements should be celebrated. This is why we have:

Every Friday afternoon, we have an assembly dedicated to celebrating the fantastic events that have happened at the Glebe that week. The children in particular love this time and with great excitement wait to find out the person in their class who has received a special certificate for achievements such as excellent behaviour, trying hard with work or improvements made during the week. Mrs Repton also awards a star pupil award for the best piece of work each week to a pupil in KS1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. Pupils at the Glebe are placed into teams, named by local roads close to the primary school. These are Ashton, Barford, Kinderton and Fife. Throughout each week pupils can earn team points from members of staff for good behaviour, manners, attitude, school work and effort. These team points are then collected on a Friday by the team captains in year 6 and the winning team receives the team point trophy.

Good behaviour is praised at the Glebe and children who think about their actions and manners at lunch times are rewarded by invite to the Top Table. This happens each Friday, where a pupil from each year group is chosen to have their lunch with Mrs Repton and other members of staff on a special table. This table is decorated with a table cloth, flowers, napkins, orange and chocolates and the chosen pupils are allowed to bring a friend to lunch with them.

Lunchtime supervisors also give tokens for good behaviour, showing respect and kindness to others. The tokens are put in a special box and a boy and girls name is taken from a Key Stage 1 box and a Key Stage 2 box.

We also have an award for excellent attendance. The class with the best attendance receives a certificate and the class with 100% gets a voucher for £10. The money is then accumulated by the classes and then the children make choices as to how the money can be spent.

The class with the most certificates for attendance at the end of each term receive a special treat.

Achievements in class are celebrated in various ways, such as by giving out team points, good letters home, stickers and stamps. Children are able to earn ‘Golden Time’ during the week. In this time they take part in an activity of their choice selected from several structured activities. Classes also have ‘class rewards’ such as a Christmas party, extra playtime or activities to help promote positive behaviour.