Glenda Repton - Headteacher
Pulford Road
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Eco Club

The Glebe Eco Club have three main areas they are working on this year: saving electricity, recycling and improving the environment. We have one representative from each class, from Years 1 to 6. We meet every Wednesday lunchtime. The club is run by Miss Conroy.


Our Eco Club 2016-2017 members are:

Sienna Eeles (1H)

Joe Worton (1K)

Serena Kilcullen (2C)

Ava Harbron (2W)

Emmie Harbron (3B)

Blake Nugent (3M)

Zak Barkley (4Y)

Liam Jones (4L)

Matthew Brownlee (5J)

Olivia Waller (5R)

Ila French (6D)

Millie Chisem (6L)

Some of our past Eco Warriors: 

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